This Holbein portrait of Henry VIII is remarkable for its painstaking attention to detail, enabling me to re-create many of the jewels and also the impressive State Chain.


The picture below shows the small four lobed ouch, as seen on Henry's hat, with a loop on the back so that it can be sewn on. As this was taken from a Jane Seymour portrait originally, you will find it on the retail site, described as a "Jane Seymour Ouch". These are gold plated and set with a Black Onyx flat cabochon. They measure 16mm.Price £2.25.each.

Jane Seymour Ouch.


A larger version of the ouch is shown below. Identical in style, gold plated,
it measures 20mm across and is set with a flat Black Onyx cabochon.
Price £2.50.

Medium Henry Ouch.


This next picture shows the triangular hat jewel, gold plated and set with
simulated pearls. There two loops on the back for sewing on. It measures
29mm by 23mm. Price £2.50.

Henry Hat Triangle.


Looking back to the Holbein portrait you will see large ouches on the
sleeves and chest of Henry's outfit. The photograph below shows these
large ouches, gold plated and set with a Carnelian cabochon. They measure 38mm by 31mm. Price £4.00.

Large Henry Ouch.


The most ambitious piece of jewelry is of course the large State Chain,
gold plated and set with a profusion of two hundred and eighty eight simulated pearls; seven flat Black Onyx cabochons, eight large Carnelian cabochons and a large, domed, central Black Onyx stone. Measuring 140cm this heavy chain is sure to draw gasps of admiration. Price £245.00.

State Chain of Henry VIII.


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