This fine Holbein portrait of Jane Seymour is one of the very best
illustrations of Tudor jewelry. Around the headpiece and on the trim
of the bodice you see the familiar decoration of ouches interspersed
with pearl clusters. This style of jewelry is repeated on the ornate
necklace. All of these pieces ar
e now available to purchase so that
this costume can be recreated in every detail.


Below is a photograph of the Jane Seymour ouch. Set with a flat
Black Onxy cabochon and gold plated, it measures 16mm. The loop
on the back enables it to be sewn on. Price £2.25.

Jane Seymour Ouch.


The necklace is most evocative of the Tudor style. My version is 53cm
long, gold plated, and is decorated with seventeen Black Onyx flat cabochons and sixty eight simulated pearls. From the necklace is suspended the
pendant, decorated with a large, flat Black Onyx cabochon and a large,
domed, Carnelian cabochon. Price £85.00.

Jane Seymour Necklace and Pendant.


The Jane Seymour Pendant is available seperately. It measures
62mm by 42mm.Supplied with a gold plated chain. Price £19.50.

Jane Seymour Pendant.

All of these items may be purchased from my secure e-commere
web site:-


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