This medieval Crown or Coronal is made by the technique of joining
together panels. It is dated to the fourteenth century and is probably
German or North European. In the Middle Ages churches hired our such crowns for weddings. This Coronal has the widespread form of fleurons
and the extensively decorated panels are set with imitation pearls and a Carnelian cabochon. These Coronals would have had a padded band
inside for comfort and also to adjust the fit. Available in two sizes: nine segments gives a circumference of 55cm: Price £90.00, the ten segment
Coronal gives a circumference of 61cm: Price £100.00.

Medieval Coronal.


The Medieval Reliquary Case, shown below, is based on the famous Middleham Jewel. It is dated to circa 1475. The original had a sliding
rear panel to open the case, whereas this copy is hinged, with a small
brass pin to act as a secret lock. The central depiction shows the Crucifixion. Above the figure of Christ is the Dove which represents the Holy Ghost, and above this is the figure of the Lord, his hand raised in blessing. The motto around the edge is in black letter and filled-in with blue enamel. The inscription has the words of John the Baptist, spoken at the baptism of Christ (Gospel of St.John, chapter 1, verse 29) "Ecce agnus dei qui tollis peccata mundi"-"Behold the Lamb of God who takest away the sins of the world". In addition to this is the phrase "Miserere Nobis"-"Have mercy on us". On the back of the jewel, at the top, is the added inscription of the word "Ananizapta". This was a magical word and used as a charm against the falling sickness (epilepsy) and also against drunkenness,. The case measures 72mm by 68mm. The blue glass cabochon simulates the sapphire of the original. Price £65.00.


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