This 1500 Brooch, shown below, is copied from a detail of a portrait of the Virgin, painted by Gerard David, hanging in the National Gallery. With reference to the numbers at the Last Supper, it has thirteen fleur-de-lys (the Flower of Innocence and a symbol of the Virgin) interspersed with thirteen simulated pearls (symbolising purity). At the centre is a very large Carnelian cabochon. Diameter 70mm. Price £25.00.

1500 Brooch.


Referred to as "The Tudor Brooch" (as it was my first replica jewel from
the period), the brooch shown below is copied from a drawing which was
dated 1592. The jewel originally belonged to the Duke of Lorraine but he
gave it to the Duchess of Elbeuf to help pay off the ransom for her husband
who had been kidnapped. With advances in the techniques of cutting
precious stones in Antwerp the original jewel would have been set with
table cut diamonds. This replica jewel uses the finest diamond simulated
stones made from cubic zirconia. It measures 70mm. Price £45.00.

The Tudor Brooch.


The jewel shown below is copied from a sketch by Holbein who was
a prolific jewelry designer. It comprises a central Carnelian cabochon, surrounded by simulated pearls and Black Onyx cabochons. No
illlustration is available at present.


This Spanish Dragon pendant is dated to circa 1560. The crest bears a Garnet cabochon. The Dragon is engraved on both sides and measures 52mm by 52mm. Supplied with a gold plated chain. Price £22.50.

Dragon Pendant.


This Garnet Pendant is dated to circa 1600 and was designed by Arnold Lulls,
who worked for Anne of Denmark and James I. The central cubic zircon
stone is surrounded by Garnets. The original would have been set entirely
with table cut diamonds. It measures 50mm by 43mm. Supplied with a gold
plated chain. price £37.50.

Garnet Pendant.


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